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    i thought the cover was pretty damn good. heh.


    I found a Vice magazine in 1995 and just like you I was rivetted by the writing and frank view on all things they covered. The blatant 'taking of the piss', the humour in their music reviews, that perfect balance of bullshit and honesty and well let's face it "The Do's and Don'ts" all add up to an offering that's unbeatable.

    Why I liked it so much, I married one of their writers.


    Simin, check out


    Simin, check out


    They always work with theme numbers, apparently you picked up the student guide issue, but being a vice-fan myself I can tell you their audience isn't just students.

    Also you've got to give them credit for their international approach, I'm reading the Belgian issues, for instance. when they had a poverty theme that was one interesting read as well!

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