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    Stan Lee

    I've spent the last couple of days researching and writing copy for a website for a cleaning product.

    You're driving around Europe, making doco's and getting in the paper.

    I want your job!


    Thanks David. Can I correct you a little. We never produced 48sheets for this. The image used was of oneo of the artists creating his artwork that was then used on the shoe and is infact a still from the documentary we shot.

    As for the guys being the best in the world. While being the best in an art based subject is totally subjective, we selected the artists based on who the graffiti community wanted to see - and come from the US, Germany, London.

    The campaign also involves a painted up double decker bus driving around Europe showing the documentaries, flying the artists to various FootLocker stores for graffiti masterclasses, the canvases being given away in competitions and a few other suprises I can't mention here, yet.


    It made the papers so well done. Can't remember the last time I seen a 48 sheet do that. Bravo. Only negative thing is the graffiti itself was a bit cliche, are these huys really the best in the world? Excuse my ignorance I know nothing about graffiti. Any plans to push the campaign further? Seems a shame to end it there.

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