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    Not dipped into this blog for a long time now, but extremely glad I did: this is a superb post.

    Finally, someone else who's noticed just how complacent the creative industry is. I've been gibbering away about this in my own way for ages - people think I'm a heretic!

    Can I come and write for you one day, Simon?


    Realmewritelongcopy - thanks for your kind words, I wonder though. What makes you think it's your work/idea in the first place? I'm reminded of David Chase, when told by James Gandolfini, 'My character wouldn't say that.' Simply replied, 'Whose character?' I can't help thinking that us creatives believing we have the right to own the work we produce holds the industry back. I think I feel a post coming on, when I know what it is I want to say.

    Golublog - I would have to disagree with you, I think it is very much due to a lack of trying. I don't think many creatives care anywhere near enough. I thought it very interesting to hear that Juan Cabral didn't just write the Gorilla script but wrote a complete treatment and storyboard before presenting the idea to anyone.


    I think you raise a very good point. There's a vast difference between the advertising we could create, and what we do create. Yes, any form of communication should move people, make people laugh, cry and think. But somehow the ambition to do that for a product isn't as compelling as to do it as expression of your own creative voice. I don't think the results are for a lack of trying, something just gets lost along the way.


    Hi Simon
    You obviously did some thinking while you were on your holidays! Very good post.
    I hung my head in shame as I read it. It’s just so easy to make excuses for poor work. I must admit, it played on my mind a bit last week and I thought about commenting even before you lured me in by feigning interest in my opinion.
    Also, I love the idea of handing a job over to another creative who is better at a certain aspect of the job. Or rather I hate the idea. But can you imagine the reaction it would provoke? Once we’d got over the sense of pompous outrage, I mean. The idea that an idea I’d come up with might be handed over to someone else to work up because they’re better at the craft would be fearsomely motivating.


    Excellent post, I could not agree more. Especially about the craft/writing part.
    One of my favourite Gossage quotes is "People read what interests them, sometimes it's an ad". There are rarely any ads these days that would qualify as 'interesting'.
    Most creatives just give up early on trying to communicate something interesting, and just resort to pure entertainment with a line tagged on the end.
    I'm convinced that one of the main reasons why there aren't many great ads that actually communicate something these days, is that the quality of people isn't there.

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