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    I, like you, believe that craft is the future for a lot of what we do. I'm so glad to hear someone say it. Keep up the good work, brother.


    With all due respect, Simon, I think you've got too much time on your hands if you can give blog writing this much attention. Blogs are mainly dull, and self obsessed rantings. Get a life.


    It'll be overlooked because there's no real money in it for people to take seriously


    Great post. I think it's well overdue we in the UK started to give blogs some serious thinking.
    Although, in practice, I can see that it will continue to be overlooked by the majority of companies


    Intersting theory, but will it work in practice? I'm not so sure


    cheers dave. I can sure point you in the direction of great blogs written by companies - but probably nothing that follows my theory.

    Be interesting if anyone knows of any well maintained/written UK blogs

    dave mance

    I find this all very interesting.
    Do you have any good examples of blogs that are already doing this well for clients?

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